Hold A Hawg

Hold A Hawg

$27.00 $18.00

This product is made from Carrion animal renderings. It consist of dry meat and spices to KEEP DEER AWAY but does an excellent job of attracting feral hogs and predators. It is a great cover scent and draw for predator callers. Simply spread this product...

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Wildlife Research Center

Golden Estrus Elk

$11.99 $7.99

Wildlife Research Center's Golden Estrus Elk is The Gold Standard of sexual attractors for elk. It is fresh and extra premium cow elk urine with in-heat secretions. The smell dominant bull elk have been waiting for. Use with caution.

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Buck Bomb

Buck Bomb Scrape Generator

$13.49 $8.99

Buck Bomb Scrape Generator is a 1 inch wide, 14 inch long piece of material soaked with Buck Fever's 100% Synthetic Forehead Gland Scent. Attracts both Buck and Does to your hunting area year round. Conduct pre season scouting using, The Buck Bomb...

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Evolved Industries

Evolved Plot Mixer T-Raptor

$9.99 $7.99

The Plot Mixers family of premium food plot additives allows you to customize your favorite food plot blend to add extra nutrition and increase palatability for your deer herd. Plot Mixers are available in three unique forage plant varieties including...

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Caven's Mink Master Lure

$9.75 $6.00

In plain talk, this one just plain smells like the tail end of a mink. "Mink Master" gets those big, dominant bucks moving as its odour means there's a trespasser on their turf. Do yourself a favour and use this as a change of pace lure on your fox,...

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